We are a community based Not For Profit cadet unit for young men and women aged between 11 and 17 years. The unit has an ethos of SERVE LEARN REMEMBER and is based on a military structure, values and disciplines. We are a volunteer organisation dedicated to providing a safe, fun yet challenging environment for today’s youth.

Our lessons teach the cadets self reliance and endurance through participation. It helps to build the confidence and self-esteem of the individual, while developing teamwork through necessity whilst in the field. We encourage and foster the potential of all children without prejudice, and promote the value of community service.

The unit has been operating within the community since 1998, and has won several awards for its work with children and the community. Most of our training staff are ex-military from the Australian Defence Force, so our training is based on several skill sets including the following:

Basic field craft

Fieldcraft is the techniques involved in living, traveling, or making military observations in the field and the methods used to do so.


Survival training lessons are designed to teach cadets how to survive for periods of up to seven days. Periods of instruction are to assist cadets in the very basics on survival. 


As a cadet, you need to be proficient at map reading and navigation is an important skill. Cadets are taught how to use map craft, protractors and compasses to navigate out in the field.

Life skills

While on bivouacs, cadets have the opportunity to incorporate problem solving and decision making; self-control and resilience are a big part of being a cadet.


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Would you rather spend your spare time taking part in fun and exciting activities like indoor rock climbing, survival exercises, cadet challenges and tactical bivouacs or sitting alone in your room in front of TV or computer?

Be Confident, Be respected, Be a Cadet.

Learn new life skills

Teamwork, communication and time management skills are some of the skills that you will learn and these are readily transferrable to everyday life.

Make new friends

When you join the unit, it is like joining a bigger family. You will make new friends who make a difference in your life. Cadets share a unique and powerful bond and a lifelong camaraderie.

Become a leader

The unit plays a large part in the development of the cadets in the skills required in Leadership and personnel development. The cadets are given the opportunity to carry out Command & Control with the day-to-day operations of the unit.

Have fun

As a cadet, you will take part in fun and exciting challenges and activities. Learning out in the field while on bivouacs, mock emergencies and tactical exercises will encompass an element of fun and adventure while developing new skills.


Cadet Hall named the Tom Hamilton Cadet Hall, Q-Store/Office building and toilet/shower block located in Acacia Park on Fern Street, in Browns Plains.

Be a uniformed staff member

If you have a military background and if you are interested in putting your skills to good use, we would love to hear from you. Volunteering with the Logan City Community Cadet Unit has its many rewards. You become an important part of an organisation that is committed to providing young children direction, equipping them with life skills, and developing their confidence and character. You also build bonds with the other volunteers and become a valued member of a team. If you can give up your Wednesday evenings and several weekends in a year, why not send us an email and we will arrange for you to come in and meet us.
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Logan City Community Cadets Inc.

We are a community based Not For Profit cadet unit for boys and girls aged between 11 and 17 years. The unit has an ethos of SERVE LEARN REMEMBER and is based on a military structure, values and disciplines.
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