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The Unit conducted its 14th Annual General Meeting on the 5th of October 2012 at the Tom Hamilton Cadet Hall, Browns Plains.
Attendance was low but this year, the secretary did receive many apologies from parents who could not make the meeting. The President, Adele Shipman, thanked all present and expressed her deep regret for not being able to continue her position in the Unit due to work commitments.

The Commanding Officer, Trevor Schulze in turn thanked Adele for all her hard work and contributions to the Unit. Many thanks also went to Andrew Shipman for his work on the quad bikes, trailers and general service to the Unit.
The Vice President Colin Healey also stepped down from his position but assured the team that his position as the Health and Safety Officer would remain the same.

After the formal AGM protocol, members went into the important part of nominations and acceptance of positions. The new executive committee members for 2012-2013 are as follows:
President – Barbara Damon Vice President – Andrew Griffin Secretary – Anthea Chase-Currier Treasurer – Rebecca Rapkins Fundraising Officer – Raelene Griffin

Trevor Schulze thanked everyone for volunteering, saying that without the support of the Parent Support Group, the Unit would not function well. He said that the future was looking bright especially since the building of the new cadet hall and now the possibility of setting up another platoon in Jimboomba.

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