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Exercise Cadet Challenge 13

Exercise Cadet Challenge 13 held over the week-end, 31 May to 02 Jun 13 was true to its name! The Unit Cadet’s mental and physical capabilities were put to the challenge. The Commanding Officer together with 3 other staff members and a handful of NCOs started out the weekend on the Friday morning at the Browns Plains Cadet Depot loading up the large amount of stores and equipment required for the week-end activities, then it was off to the Karingal Scout Camping Grounds where the setting up the activity stands and the Exercise Base Area took place. They only stopped for lunch and an opportunity to wish their beloved CO Trevor Schulze a very Happy Birthday.

“Spider Web”, “Snake Bite”, “Contaminated Water”, “Timber Bridge” and “Electrical Fence” were some of the names given to the Stands. Each team of 6-8 cadets with a SNCO or a JNCO in charge spent all day Saturday going from Stand to Stand where their minds were challenged, roused, provoked and stimulated into finding ways to complete their tasks. “Points” were awarded and deducted at each activity stand for leadership, discipline, skills, knowledge and completion. It did not end there; the Teams were also marked on the team living areas for field hygiene, shelter construction together with their Uniform and appearance. Uniformed staff were allocated to control and conduct each stand. Saturday night was Movie night with most cadets not making it to the end as sleep got the better of them.

Sunday morning saw the Teams and Staff (both Uniform and PSG) up early to prepare for the Navigation Exercise out into the Karingal Bushland with compass and map in hand. The Navigation Exercise went smoothly with all teams returning to base on time. Thanks to CAPT (LCCC) Andy Griffin at the Command Post, directing and monitoring the teams’ progress as they navigated around the bush to their allocated Check Points. Parent volunteers were a plenty; and so it was that many hands made light work in the kitchen catering for the 70 cadets and the 20 parent volunteers and Uniformed Staff. A big ‘Thank you” is in Order of the Day to all who helped in the catering department.

The exercise come to a close on Sunday afternoon with the Teams points tallied up and the unit assembled for the announcement of the Winning Team by the CO. It was an anxious wait to know which team had won the Cadet Challenge 13. The Winning Team was, much to everyone’s surprise, Team One One Alpha led by Cadet Sergeant Alyssa Chase-Currier. The team comprised of 4 cadet females and 3 cadet males. They now proudly wear the “Cadet Challenge 2013” badge on their uniforms. Well done 11A! Throughout the week-end a number of cadets were identified for future leadership roles in the unit.

Overall the exercise was a great success with both Cadet Company’s coming together as one unit for the first time.

Check out the photos of Exercise Cadet Challenge 2013 on the Unit’s Flickr page.

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