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The recruit in barracks course was held on the 28th – 29th July 2012.

Besides a few late comers the course went off without a hitch with 17 recruits attending (a good effort if I do say so myself). The aim of the week end was to teach the recruits a variety of lessons; these included first aid, drill, basic field training and skills, general military knowledge and navigation to prepare them for the next part of their training which is in the field. All the recruits performed extremely well considering how much information they had to retain (good effort guys).

The RSM also threw in some PT for a bit of fun and exercise at the end of the course. The obstacle course consisted of ropes, a tarp, jerry cans and of course mud.

I would like to thank the following for their help over the week end; LTCOL Schulze for his organisation of the course and lessons; CAPT Greg Rapkins and Rebecca Rapkins who did an excellent job in issuing the recruits their equipment; The MO CAPT Anthea Chase-Currier for her first aid lessons, meals and organisation over the weekend; The RSM for his lessons, PT and help over the weekend; CSGT Alyssa Chase-Currier and CCPL Marinkovic for their lessons and help over the weekend. And a big thank you to everyone else who helped out over the week end.

A special thank you to Cadet Carlson who gave up his weekend after helping out with the maintenance to help with the recruits on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Once again thank you to all who helped out over the weekend if it wasn’t for you the course wouldn’t have been a success.

Thank you LT A Griffin Course Manager

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