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The Unit was formed on the 3rd March 1998 by a group of parents from the local community which included serving and ex-serving members of the ADF. The unit originally paraded at a local school in the Browns Plains area before moving to its current facility which is shared with a Scout Group at Fern St Browns Plains. The Logan City Council has also supported the Unit’s activities within the community and has assisted with financial contributions to maintain its operations. Councillor Cherie Dalley is one of the unit’s longest supporters.

The unit was formed due to a need in the local community for a well organised, well disciplined and flexible cadet unit catering for both the younger and older child. The LCCC is NOT affiliated with the Australian Defence Force Cadets ADFC. All the Uniformed Staff, Parent Support Group members and Parent helpers are volunteers, most of which have or have had their child attending at some point. Additionally, all the Training staff are either ex-Australian Defence Force, ex British Army or have been a cadet in the unit and upon reaching the maximum cadets age of 18 years have re-enlisted as a Instructor.


The unit plays a large part in the development of the cadets in the skills required in Leadership and personnel development. The cadets are given the opportunity to carry out Command & Control with the day to day operations of the unit.

The Cadets

Based on their abilities and performance, successful cadets may be promoted in rank and given the responsibility to be in command of groups of cadets from a section of 10 cadets up to company strength of 60 cadets or more. Promotion to positions of authority is based solely on merit, giving the child a sense of achievement, encouraging self confidence within themselves and their team, whilst demanding integrity, efficiency, dependability and self discipline both inside and outside of cadets. These cadets are required to plan, study and conduct both theory and practical lessons in the lecture room and in the field. They are trained to lead a team of cadets on field activities involving navigation, patrolling, selection and development of a bivouac site, bush/field skills, mock first aid emergencies organise and field cooking to name a few. All activities are overseen by a uniformed staff member.

Parent Support Group (PSG)

Like any Not For Profit organisation, the unit relies heavily on an army of volunteers to give up their spare time in support of the kids. The PSG is responsible for fund raising to meet its operating budget to pay for insurances, equipment purchases and utility charges. To help provide extra funds to the unit, the PSG run regular sausage sizzles in the Browns Plains area, conduct raffles for events like Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and help out at local community days. All profits go directly back to the unit to help fund uniforms, equipment and camps. The PSG is the non-military side of the unit and is designed to help and support the unit’s instructors, functions and activities.

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